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My Own Bachelor Home Town Date

There’s lots of buzz about Jason The Bachelor, that dude is messed up! Which is such a shame because before the first ‘after the last rose’ ceremony he was my favorite. He got rid of all drama queens first, was well spoken, and seemed to have his priorities straight. I knew I was wrong about him when he let Jillian go. Dude.

Who else was so irritated when he said that he found his ‘best friend’ in Molly. Really!?

Anyway, moving on. My dad and his girlfriend flew in from Utah last weekend. So I participated in a ‘bachelor home town date’ of my own. Can I just say that my dad certainly has a ‘type’. My mom, his 2nd ex-wife, and his current girlfriend all look similar; light curly hair and fair skin. He’s officially typecast by moi. ha!

I really liked her and we had a good time. She’s not what I expected, she has 3 boys, but the biggest thing is that she doesn’t seem to be hiding anything. She seems comfortable with who she is, her past, and wasn’t out to overly impress me. I appreciated that about her.

To make the event even more entertaining, Lisa and I decided to play a game and battle it out. Ready?

Who Knows Dad’s Girlfriend the Best? by Lisa & Laurie

I’ve decided not to post the questions because that would infringe on her privacy as a non-blogger.

Lisa talking smack, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THIS’. {{whatever – bring it on!}}

The Results: A Tie. We both got 9 out of 15 questions right. We had a tie breaker question and Lisa got it right. So officially Lisa’s the winner.

Our home town date was not as crazy as the Bachelors’, no dead doves or crazy hats. Thank heaven. So dad’s girlfriend leaves with a rose from me. Best wishes to them both.

8 thoughts on “My Own Bachelor Home Town Date

  1. Way to mention the tie and SO Officially I won. Whatever is right! I kicked your can!! Take it like a woman.

  2. OKay. I am so glad you mentioned the totally annoying statment from Jason that he and Molly were best friends!! WHAT??!

    I loathe him.

  3. We are all so over Jason. Isn’t ti strange how people always go pfor certain types? One of my brother’s did that…that’s how I knew his wife was a keeper- she looked like one he was serious about years before…who broke his heart. And that’s a phrase Jason overused too.


  4. My father-in-law totally has a type too…tall, blonde, and skinny. The pig. Did I mention he’s 70?

  5. i was a Jillian fan too – SO excited for next season. And Jason was my favorite until he ditched Melissa in the most pathetic way.

    That’s great for your Dad!! And you and Lisa are FUNNY! I’d like to see that fight for real though. Now THAT would be some good entertainment!

  6. why am I just now finding this blog? I must have had blinders on. You’re such a strong person, it just broke my heart reading about your past couple of months. I fell so bad and guilty that I couldn’t be more help.

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