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Girls In The City

After being cooped up in my home for 3 months straight, a girls weekend was a must! My sister, Melissa, and I planned what we wanted to do and I can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to it.

Well. Keeping in mind that I have the worst luck on the planet; Melissa’s husbands grandfather died. Therefore, Melissa wasn’t able to come and party with us. {{massive bummer}}

Take this as a warning to any of you who plan an event with me in the future. You never know what my bad juju will bring into your life! Consider yourself warned. {{wink}}

Even though Melissa couldn’t make it, we decided to go ahead with our plans anyway. “The show must go on!”

Since, I’m still not able to sit in a car for very long, so we decided to stay local and check out the city. Lisa and I saw some movies, went shopping, and ate at the new 560 restaurant owned by Wolfgang Puck.

It’s an Asian themed restaurant that slowly rotates around so you get a 360 view of the city 560 feet in the air. It was so nice to dress up and eat at a swanky place with my Sis.

The food was delicious but a bit too hoity toity for my taste. I felt like I had to be on my best behavior. {{which takes a lot of discipline}} Lisa and I chatted, enjoyed the food, the view, and were entertained by the gay men sitting across from us.

We used the restroom before we left and the Lady in front of us didn’t know how to flush the toilet. It was really funny!! Since we did, Lisa and I felt a little less W.T. after that experience. 😉

We ended our weekend with pedi’s. Which was much needed since I hadn’t been able to touch my feet in months. Jason tried to help a girl out and trimmed my toe nails. Needless to say that was a 1 time occurrence. Geeze.

Lisa went fun with blue and I went bold with blood red. {{I’ve been watching way too much Twilight.}}

Thanks Lisa for such an amazing weekend!! I just adore my sister. She makes me laugh and gets me to let loose and kick back. I love myself when I’m around her.

8 thoughts on “Girls In The City

  1. Good for you and Lisa. You way deserved a get away!

    And your flowers you received are beautiful. You deserve those too. You work so hard! Thanks so much for all you do to help keep the rest of us organized, sane and having fun!!!!

  2. Aren’t sisters the best?!?

    Hmmm…but I have to admit, the posts about you and your sister when you’re NOT on your best behavior are WAY more fun to read about!

  3. Love the pedis! Come visit me……I’ll break your bad muju…..juju……whatever it is. And those gays guys were probably enjoying the hetro girls too. 🙂

  4. Oh awesome! We went to go to that restaurant a while ago, but it wasn’t open yet. You are your sister are such beautiful ladies! Looks like you had a well deserved fun time.

  5. i love reading about you and lisa just as much as the pictures that tell the story. you guys have way too much fun. i love you guys!

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