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Bumpits Baby!

Last week was hands down the craziest week. Drake got sick, the kids had 2 doctors apts across town, Drake had swim lessons every morning , the boys had swim team every evening, and we had Scout camp which I chaperoned all day on Thursday.

On top of that I was doing a post in the morning and every evening for Tip Junkie celebrating the new look with 50 giveaways. Needless to say my work load via Mommy & Tip Junkie was out of control.

No matter how busy life gets, I always try to squeeze in some girl time. By Friday, I was completely spent but could not wait to get some projects done with Chanda and her daughter A.J.

Since I had completely forgotten about my date with Christina, she popped by to give me a present. YES it was Bumpits!! OMGosh! I was in hysterics. Christina and I had talked about them a while back. When she found them at Bed Bath & Beyond, she couldn’t resist and got me some.

We were all in my bathroom trying to figure out how to use them, when things got a big out of control. I said that I felt like I should be going to prom with my big Texas hair and we’ll one thing let to another and…

I put on my fusha sequined homecoming dress. Bwaaaaaahhhh!!! That’s right my mom made me this beauty for my Senior year homecoming. Ahh the memories.

Just in case you have no idea what Bumpits are or what I’m talking about, here’s a video on how to go from drab to fab!

Watch out people – HAIR I come!

8 thoughts on “Bumpits Baby!

  1. hilarious!! i could use some bumpits. i am jealous you can wear your hs dress!
    i am glad you got some girl time.

  2. There's no need to be jealous – I was chunky in High School!! {{HA!!}}

    According to my mom, it was my snicker candy bar addiction. Although she didn't know about my vending machine cinnamon roll addiction. {{evil laugh}} Totally worth the thunder thighs!

  3. This is one of those products that will make millions and you say to yourself. I could have done that.

  4. I've totally wanted to try those too! And yeah, I'm impressed you can fit into your dress too! Were those cinnamon rolls the Mrs. Baird's ones? Bc I had that same vending machine addiction. That and gardetto's… SO good!

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