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Father’s Day

We had a really great Father’s Day. Jason slept in and then had his favorite breakfast in bed, breakfast burritos and bacon.

We went to church and then had steak with all the fixin’s for dinner. Yes, Jason grilled his own steak – I mean it needed to be editable for heavens sake.

The boys were a bit disturbed that daddy made part of his own Father’s Day dinner. However, he was able to convince them that a quality steak was his favorite dinner and he agreed to make it ahead of time. I just know Davis is going to bring it up next Father’s Day, “Remember when you made daddy make his own dinner for Father’s Day”. Just wait – it will totally happen.

We also made Jason the DAD frame that I featured a couple times on Tip Junkie for Jason’s office. After he opened all his presents, we headed on over to his top secret, high level office and decorated it with all his new goodies.

It was the first time I’ve seen his office and to say the least it needs a woman’s touch. It’s stark white! You can bet I’ll be making a visit to Garden Ridge Pottery for some greenery, frames, and clocks. {{evil laugh}}

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