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Waaz Up!?!

{{Paparazzi – no pictures. Please.}}

As expected, summer is wet n’ wild.

Drake has successfully completed his 2 week swim lesson. It was a bit dicey in the beginning as he does not like to be told what to do. By the third day, I resorted to using his latest fascination (the big Disney Sheriff which he’s been asking for for months) as his reward if he cooperated. That did the trick! Granted, he reminded me of our arrangement every day – several times a day – but now he’s officially a little minnow.

The boys are doing well on their swim team and having fun. It’s quite the commitment as we’re at the pool every evening for a couple hours until mid-July. Neither of them have Michael Phelps potential, but I’m glad their doing it anyway. It’s good for them to learn how to compete and to push themselves physically. (Neither of which they like to do.) For me, it’s been fun to hang out with my friends and bond with my little minnow while at the pool.

We’ve had several adventures at the lake already this summer. It makes me so grateful for my family and for the memories that we’re making and creating together.

It’s amazing at how little I get done during the summer and how tired I am at the end of each day. Seriously.

I keep trying to remind myself that now is the time to be with the kiddos and just enjoy the ride. For a work-a-holic who likes results (like laundry done in 1 day – or a constant clean house) it’s been really hard on me to lower my expectations. I’m doing the best I can and am trying to let the rest go. Man, it’s difficult.

However, the sore body is worth it as I am currently Drake’s favorite. (Yes, it rotates from different people in the family.) It secretly gives me great pleasure! {{evil laugh}} Geeze, this little guy makes you work for it but I have quite enjoyed him this summer. He’s growing up and on occasion, struts like a man and talks in a deep voice when he’s especially proud of himself. It’s really funny.

What I appreciate most is how still Drake can be. We went to the movies today and he sat during the entire movie and just laughed and made loud comments. The people next to us greatly appreciated his commentary and gave approval with their constant giggles. I’m so grateful to finally be in this new stage with Drake. Although he is still very stubborn he seems to be a happier little man and I a more content mama.

2 thoughts on “Waaz Up!?!

  1. The picture on the bottom of you and the boys is SO cute!

    Looks like you're having a fun summer.

  2. That's so great the Drake is being more cooperative. Just enjoy summer and realize the only results that matter are the kind of results you're having right now with Drakie.

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