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The Hunt is On!

Lisa and Billy have finally gotten a contract on their house. We’re praying everything goes well and they close as scheduled the end of August. {{fingers crossed}}

So it’s now time to start house hunting. Lisa had fun doing Drake’s hair for the occasion.

Pet pee in the entry way and too small. It was on our top five until day 3.

Thumbs down! Too expensive and small.

You’re gonna just love this home! {{not}}

TV on the floor! Thumbs down.

Too far away from me. Thumbs way down!

The alarm in this house must have been going off for days! It’s now a loud dying cricket sound – Thumbs down!

We saw several model homes on our journey to find the proper living space for Lisa and Billy. Here are a few pics:

Living Room Curtains

How about a balcony from your game room into your living room? (Love the iron)

Football room with easy field boarder (painted) and cool game board header. The score numbers can be changed out.

Narnia room. Drake LOVED the stuffed lion.

Princess Room Curtains with finials instead of rods.

Castle bed. I had one similar to this when I was a child. However, mine was a bed on top and a play house on the bottom. This one is open inside so you can see the ceiling.

Fun stone mural above the dresser.

Fabulous media room with murals inside the niches instead of frames.

After 3 days and who knows how many homes – we’ve narrowed it down to our top 3. They’ve put in their offer on the first one and we’ll see how it all pans out.

I’m really excited for them!

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