Mother of Boys

Meet the Teacher

Meet the teacher is always an exciting day.

The boys loved reconnecting with old friends while at the school.

Our family tradition is that we bring flowers to the teachers as well as an “All About Me” card. I’m trying to train them early to give flowers regularly and to communicate. {{wink}}

This year we are truly lucky as Dylan’s 3rd grade teacher is the same teacher Davis had! Whoohoo!!

Here’s Jason filling out all the paper work. What a good man.

Next up was the Intermediate school. I was having major anxiety but Davis was loving every minute of it. We met Davis’ teachers and gave them his “All About Me” card as well as a copy of the letter his teachers wrote to them from last year. All went well, but I didn’t get the good vibe from his teachers I usually receive. As I was handing over Davis’ instructional manual {{HA!}} to his male teacher, it was quite obvious that he didn’t see us coming.

The next morning we got a call from the principle who asked if it was alright if he changed Davis’ teachers. He said that he had a meeting that morning and his team thought Davis’ would be better matched with a different set of educators. I was delighted that they would take the time to make sure Davis would be well taken care of and that his specific skill sets (and deficits) would be taken into consideration.

We’ve had 3 weeks of school and I’ve met his teacher on 3 occasions and just adore her. We’ve talked on the phone a couple times and have e-mailed. As usual Davis’ team of angels that constantly look over him; protected and hooked him up with the most amazing angles here on earth.

Man that boy is one lucky kiddo! Every single teacher he has had since Mother’s Day Out has been an absolute angel with the perfect skill sets to help properly teach, motivate, and redirect him to the amazing young man he is today. Granted, mommy’s on a first name basis with every principal he’s ever had, and has had to fight some battles along the way, but it is remarkable the amazing people who are drawn to Davis and who are willing to give so much to help and teach him. Words cannot express my gratitude and admiration for these women.

Drake LOVED meeting his teacher. Although he was a bit confused as to why he couldn’t stay and play. He kept saying, “You kiss me and say goodbye!” It was a bit traumatic to take him home. However, I’m very pleased to announce that he absolutely loves Mother’s Day Out. He calls it his “little school”.

All of Drake’s best friends are in his class. {{squeal in delight}} It also makes carpool a dream.

You are supposed to be fully potty trained which Drake is not. He hasn’t had an accident there yet. {{knock on wood}} But every day he goes I just know, that’s the day I’m going to get the call and we’re going to get kicked out. I just pray that he behaves himself as I desperately need this time to get things done.

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