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The “Emma’s Garden Party” for church was rescheduled for last night. I sat at the blogger table with Mandy, Jen, and Carrie. It turned out to be a fun night – the food was so yummy!

Needless to say, set up was a lot faster and we included a few extra things to make it even better. To add to the good fortune (Karma and I made up), the men were playing basketball that night. So guess who batted some eye lashes and got all 8 of my trees loaded into my van with out lifting a finger. he he

I’m thinking we should change Enrichment night to Tuesdays, so the guys can clean up the tables and chairs every activity. That solves the “clean-up” committee problem. 😉

Afterwards, Trish and I went to see The Other Boleyn Girl. I had read the book for book club and really liked it! Of course the book goes into more detail which is worth the read – but the movie was so well made and a must see, A-.

My family is going through more drama {{sigh}} but while I was watching this movie, I could look on the bright side. At least my parents never tried to pimp me out and I’m blessed to have an amazing relationship with my sister. How’s that for positive thinking. 😉


Miss Pettigrew

Friday night was girls night and we went to see Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. I’ll give it a C+. In case you don’t already know here’s the plot outline:

“Guinevere Pettigrew, a middle-aged London governess, finds herself unfairly dismissed from her job. An attempt to gain new employment catapults her into the glamorous world and dizzying social whirl of an American actress and singer, Delysia Lafosse.”

I loved Amy Adams performance. Personally, I think her quirky character made the film. Warning! There’s some nudity in it. I’m personally not a fan of a hairy butt crack – but that’s just me.

However, this week I just might try the “bathroom towel” scene on my honey. I’ll have to practice in the mirror a couple times to see if I can get the positioning just right. FOTFL!!

It’s not a must see and please don’t drag your honey’s to it. But if you’re looking for a night out with the girls with fun conversation at Starbucks later – consider yourself hooked up.

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Hang’n Out

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. September – December has worn me out and now I’m ready to relax, read, and catch up on some movies. So, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I finished the book “The Wednesday Letters“.

I was the lucky recipient of this book at the Maven’s gift swap. Thanks Jenni! I loved it. I felt the same way as I did with the movie P.S. I Love You – even though the thought of a man writing a letter every Wednesday is a far fetched idea for me – I really appreciated the vulnerability and the twists the book has. It’s a beautiful book and an easy read.

I saw the movie ‘I am Legend’ with Lisa. I would NOT recommend it! Holy Crap, I’m still having nightmares. I didn’t know anything about this movie other than, my man, Will Smith was in it. He usually does amazing movies and so it was a no-brainer that I would see it.

It’s a zombie flick. If you like that sort of thing then you’ll love this movie. It’s well made, well acted, and extremely suspenseful. It has no comic relief in it so I was soo keyed up I thought I’d either have a stroke or an aneurysm. I’m not kidding. I’m a Sci-Fi enthusiast but I do not like zombie or horror movies.

We finally took the kids to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. Honestly, I thought it was a snoozer but my boys loved it. My favorite scene was the very first one where the Chipmunks were singing “Bad Day”. That was hysterical!! I think they should have sung more popular songs.

I’m almost finished with the book The 4 Hour Work Week, I’m two-thirds through it. It’s an entrepreneurial book. I’ve come to the realization that I can’t keep doing everything that I’m doing, I’m stretched too thin. I’ve got to stop working harder and start working smarter. 😉

I’m excited about many of the philosophies and am looking forward to implementing them. I’m just not sure if I have what it takes. Time will tell.

What movies and books are you into right now?


P.S. I Love You

Last night Katrina, Katri, and Jenni and I went to go see the movie P.S. I Love You. It’s most definitely a chick flick which I enjoy from time to time – but tend to limit in my life.

Why, you ask? I could go on and on with this topic, but in a nutshell, I guess it’s because I don’t believe in the “Hollywood” version of romance. I think that it’s easy to get caught up in it and compare real-life marriages to what is seen on screen (or in a novel) and it can set up unreal expectations.

What I do believe in is chemistry – and WOW does this movie have it. I can sum it all up in one word: YUMMY!

Go prepared to cry, laugh, and laugh while crying. It’s an unrealistic story, which of course a man would never do in real life. However, it’s absolutely beautiful and well worth your $9.50 and a girls night out.

See what my sister, Lisa, had to say about it.

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High School Musical 2

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on. We moved our anniversary trip to Saturday because we had to have a High School Musical 2 party Friday night! Jason laughed when I informed him. 😉

Everyone had such a great time. However, I will admit that 1/2 way through the movie my kids left and went to play with their toys. All the other kids stayed and watched it.

I don’t know who had more fun the kids or the adults! Here’s my friend, Lisa striking a pose.

Everyone was getting into the signing and dancing! Here’s Tyson (Drake’s BFF).