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Girls Weekend in Austin

For Melissa’s 40th Birthday we decided to meet in Austin and have some crazy girl time.  Watch out Austin, here we come!

Lisa and I have this tradition of dressing up to meet up with Melissa.  We’ve dressed up as Neo & Trinity from the Matrix as well as Nacho Libre and Nun.

We couldn’t mess with such a fun tradition, so this time we dressed up as one of Melissa’s favorite TV personalities; Beth & Dog the Bounty Hunter.

We completely lucked out as it was the Big Ass Biker Parade in Austin that weekend and so we were surrounded by motorcycles.  We couldn’t have planned a better photo op!  {{bwaahaa!}}

Needless to say Melissa was completely taken by surprise!

We decided to start our weekend off right with some food and shopping!  We ate at the Cheesecake Factory and then headed over to Ross and TJ Max since we never have time to brows these stores at home.

I finally spent my $50 gift card I won from Tim Gunn at Fabric Care University. I got several new shirts to wear at EVO.

After discount shopping we decided to check out makeup and they had a “world renowned” make up artist from NARS doing make overs.  Um, duh count us in!

Melissa originally just wanted a semi-smokey eye but she got the entire NARS make over!  That dude was hysterical and livened up our evening.  He told us to make sure to “cab it” after going out that night.  With his accent it took us a minute to figure out what he was saying to us Mormon girls.  {{teehee}}

The next day we got pedi’s, watched a movie, shopped some more, ate, and ended the night at Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar.  It was a crazy fun time.

Especially with these two crazy ladies.  Although I think our waitress was seriously annoyed that we weren’t drinking.  We left her a big tip to try and compensate. {{poor thing}}

The next day was also full of adventure as we rode Segways!

Yep, that’s right!  We took a tour of Austin on Segways.  Dude, we ROCKED those bad boys.

It took me a while to get my Segway legs, because the thing doesn’t have any brakes!!  As clumsy as I am, I knew that was a recipe for disaster.   Luckily, I picked it up rather quickly and couldn’t let Lisa show me up.  

We ended the weekend with new inside jokes and memories that we’ll never forget.  I just adore these two women and feel so blessed to have them in my life.

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Lisa’s Birthday Party

This year for Lisa’s birthday I tried to pull out all the stops. It was a crazy week as it was the kids last week of school with all of their events, ceremonies, and traditions. But we made it work.

I cooked Lisa’s birthday luncheon from scratch! This is a huge labor of love since I hate to cook and I’m terrible at it. I wanted to show Lisa how much I appreciate her and our relationship. She’s an amazing sister.

I also made her a birthday board game customized just for her! You can find the tutorial over on Executive Homemaker if you’re interested. We learned a ton about Lisa and laughed so hard.

Her cards and presents were fabulous.  We were in stitches pretty much the entire afternoon.

Lisa got a head messager that gives you the weirdest sensation.  Lisa loved it…

but I couln’t stand it!  I almost smacked poor Elise as it sent tremors down my entire body.  Seriously, they should use that instead of waterboarding to torture people.  I’d say and do anything to make it stop!

It was such a crazy fun lunch with some of the most genuine and hysterical people we know.  Lisa has some amazing people in her life and I couldn’t be more proud of her and the woman she is today.

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Girl Time in Canton

One of my favorite place to shop is in Canton, Texas. With my back surgery, Jason traveling, my traveling schedule, etc; it has been over a 1 1/2 years since I’ve been able to go. I know, a massive travesty in my life.

I’ve missed the girl time and fabulous shopping more than I realized. I found that amazing pink flower purse seconds after walking in. We were meant to be in each other’s life. {{swooning}}

We were celebrating Monica and Calli’s birthday so it even more imporant for me to go. Monica bought Calli this “Happy Birthday” tiara. She looks like a princess standing next to her knight in shining armor. {{bwaaahaa!}}

Guess how much Calli got this flower arrangement for? Come on… guess!
$25 little ones. Can you believe it! It’s a $200 arrangement that fell and isn’t inside it’s container anymore. Holy crap that’s a steal. I was so excited for her. She’s going to put it on her formal dining room table. {{love it}}

Dude. I don’t have anywhere I could put this in my home, but it’s amazing. Yes, I have a sick obsession with flowers. They make me smile.

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My Headband Obsession

PayPal is doing a fun campaign through Wednesday called “Can’t Buy Me Love” Sweepstakes. They are doing some fun giveaways as well as giving away special offers from cool companies for Valentine’s Day.

It got me thinking: PayPal can’t buy me love but it can buy me… Headbands!

I just adore headbands! I got this peacock one (above) and the black bow (below) from Sweetgrass Mill for the BlissDom Conference. I got the sweetest compliments.

Here I am with Shannon & Tiffany at BlissDom

Kimba, Me, Marie, and Allison rockin’ at BlissDom

This green flower on black and white feather headband was made by Bethany Lorelle. I also got the most beautiful teal one. She has so many to choose from it’s hard to decide on just one. {{wink}}

and I at Fuse

Lastly, this dark pink feather with butterfly accent was made by Tara to the T. I got it at the ETSY Dallas show. I just had to wear it at the Harry Connick Jr. concert Friday night.

So now that you know what I would buy, head on over and check out the Can’t Buy Me Love Sweepstakes to see all the fun things on sale and are being given away.

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Golden Globe Viewing Party

I just love award season! I know, I know – it’s a little silly for actors to dominate more attention and then give themselves awards – but I just love it. To me, there’s just something so fun about dissing over priced dresses and bad hair on beautiful people.

Come on! You know that’s a good time.

This year, one of my goals is to get back into the grove of hosting. I just love having a house full of friends. My love language is quality time – so I feel the most fulfilled when I’m with people I hold dear. Of course, the down side to this is that I just adore A TON of people. I’ve honestly never lived in a place with so many fantastic women. It’s amazing!

At any rate (back on topic) my first girls night of the year was a Golden Globe Viewing party. The GG’s are my favorite awards show because everyone is sitting in tables and the atmosphere is more of a party and more relaxed. Typically, that makes good TV when everyone is tipsy and off their guard.

My mom made these AMAZING party favors for me. Yep, she got marble paper and then embossed a globe on gold paper. Holy Cow! They turned out fabulous. Thanks Mom – you’ve got mad skills!

Chanda showed up in her pink Snuggy dressed up as an evening gown! {{bwaaaahaaa!}} It was seriously so funny, I almost forgot to take a quick picture. Notice she brought her glitter cup. {{fabulous}}

My man put all the nominees on one sheet of paper and before the awards, we all voted on our top 2 picks for each category. 10 points if the winner was your 1st pick – 5 points if the winner was your 2nd pick.

We were having such a crazy fun time – I completely forgot to have everyone add up their scores and pick the winner! Talk about a terrible hostess – although I’m pretty sure Chanda won.

We had the best time making fun of the stars, rewinding it over and over again to see if Jennifer Aniston showed her goods as she walked down the step to announce her category {{I swear she did}}, cheering when our pick won, and snacking on yummy treats. We may have stayed up until 1:30am laughing, telling stories, and looking people up on Facebook.

It was a crazy fun time. I just adore these women.

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Coupon Wrap Up

Yes, in case you’re wondering – I’m still couponing. Last week I spent $81.17 and saved $100.86.

This week I spent $67.88 and saved $74.04. I’m using the Grocery Game and binder method.

It’s been really nice to have a stockpile of food in our pantry. I’ve also started building up our 3 month food storage. As we used most of it last year to keep our expenses low so we could pay off medical bills.

I only buy things that I know we’ll eat. Otherwise it’s just a waste of money. Couponing is a lot of work but I can’t tell you how good it feels to have an excess of food and supplies again. {{whew}}

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My New Jewelry Organizer

talk to me tuesday_white

For Talk To Me Tuesday, Tip Junkie is hosting a favorite project show and tell. Even though I didn’t post this until a week ago, I made it for myself for Christmas and it’s by far my favorite project.

Take a look at my new jewelry organizer! {{whoohoo}} I’ve had the vision in my head for over a year now and I decided that I was finally going to make it for myself for Christmas.

My problem lately, is that I’m always in a hurry. I’m throwing clothes on as I’m running out the door. Very unlike me – I know. Life has just gotten too busy to property coordinate my accessories. Therefore, I devised a system where I could color coordinate my accent pieces at a quick glance. Yep, you guessed it! The flowers above the hooks identify the color of jewelry. I hung the bracelets right next to the necklaces so I could grab them quickly as well.

Everything in one place. Well, that is until I get too many. Then I’ll have to make this just for necklaces and hang bracelets underneath. (I’ll find some cute wrought iron hooks.)

Quick Jewelry Organizer Tutorial:

I should have done a blogger style tutorial with lots of pictures but I was too excited and a little worried that it wouldn’t work. It’s been a long time since I crafted.


Large photo frame
Fabric as your base
“L” hooks to screw in
2 wrought iron decor
4 nails
Paper flowers
Rhinestone stickers
Black paint
Hot glue gun


1. Discard the glass for your frame.

2. Hot glue your chosen fabric to the frame. I did it quickly by laying the fabric down, fastening the frame backing to the frame. Cutting the extra fabric away. Then hot gluing the fabric only to the back of the frame – making sure to keep it tight. It only took a couple minutes.

3. Nail in the wrought iron decor pieces. I bent the nails in the back and then used duct tape to tape it down so it doesn’t scratch the wall.

4. Paint the nails in the iron decor black so they don’t stand out.

5. Measure the frame and decide on the width of the “L” screws. Also decide if you’re going to add bracelets and if so – how far apart you want them to be. I used a Black & Decker laser leveler and it was fabulous. (A must have for every decorator.)

When you screw in the “L” screws – they will go through the back of the frame a little. Don’t worry about it. When you’re done screwing them in – use duct tape to cover all the screws poking through to protect your wall. It’s important that the screw is in far enough so it will hold the weight of your accessories.

6. Lastly, I organized my jewelry in colors and then chose fabric flowers to coordinate. I hot glued the rhinestones and the flowers onto the frame right above the “L” screws.


Now, I can also see the colors of jewelry that I’m missing! {{evil laugh}} Time to go to Charming Charlies!

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Annual Christmas Party

I cannot tell you how excited I was go to to the annual Christmas party at Julie’s. I missed it last year due to my back surgery and so it was extra sweet this year to be in good health and be amongst some of the coolest people on the planet.

It’s always a fun time as everyone hangs out, pokes fun of each other, and is there to have a good time.

The white elephant gift exchange is the highlight of the evening. The most creative gift gets the prize. This year Julie set it up a little different and used this white elephant gift exchange poem to get the party started.

As always, there were some really good ones. The runner up was a women’s roller derby picture photoshopped with some familiar faces and gear. The winner is pictured above, BRV Extreme system – patterned from an infomercial. Each item inside had custom made labels and tags. It was so amazing!

Man, it was such a crazy fun night!

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Happy Birthday Wendy

My dear friend Wendy had a birthday! Lisa and I felt that Wendy shouldn’t have to order her own cake, so Lisa made her one and I supplied the flower. I totally got the better end of that deal! HA!

Later that afternoon, Lisa brought over several chocolate covered strawberries for ME! Holymoly what a treat. They were seriously so yummy and completely brightened my day. Thanks Lisa!

Lisa and I got Wendy this beautiful FAITH stamped necklace from RHB Designs. She’s a Tip Junkie Mom-preneur and makes the most beautiful jewelry. Wendy loved it and it just suits her perfectly.

Several of us were finally able to get together and celebrate Wendy’s birthday together. I grabbed some treats from the Cheesecake Factory with Lisa (my sister) and met up at New Moon. It was such a fun girls night.

I feel so blessed to have Wendy in my life. Many days I feel completely selfish for monopolizing such an incredible person. She brings joy and hope into a world that can be very dark and completely disappointing.

Wendy is the most charitable person I know. Every week she’s watching someone’s kiddos or doing a quiet act of kindness for someone she knows. She’s the go-to-girl for many women in her life when things come up and they need a helping hand. She’s always there to help you out, before you realize you even need it.

Being a friend with Wendy is completely easy – no judgments, no competition, and no expectations. She’s the kind of person who sees you every day at your worst, but still remembers you at your best. She’s a treasure and completely delightful. She’s been a constant source of strength for me the past year. I honestly don’t know what I would do with out her in my life.

Thanks Wendy for being the kind of friend that I’ve always wanted to be. I value your example and just adore you! Yes, I’m totally praying that Drake marries cutie patootie Emily and we’ll be able to spend Thanksgivings together till the end of our days.

Thank you for being you!